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How to Write a Cover Letter that Works

How to Write a Cover Letter that Works How to Write a Cover Letter that Works Do you think of your cover letter as a summary of your skills and experiences? If so, youre making a common mistake. The truth is that your cover letter is a sales letter much like the ones created by direct marketers and copywriters to sell products and services. Just like those letters, your cover note must be compelling, easy to read, and must convey clearly why you are a perfect fit. (hopefully it goes without saying that your letter must also be personalized for each position). How to use the AIDA formula to write your cover letter AIDA is the acronym for a commonly used sales letter formula. The initials stand for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action and if you follow behauptung 4 steps when constructing your letter, youll find it much easier to write a letter that gets results. Lets go through them one by one and Ill explain what I mean. Getting Their Attention I recommend starting your cover lett er with a powerful opening sentence instead of the usual I am submitting my resume for consideration blah, blah Lets say you want to apply for a sales position. The job posting says the company needs someone to develop and manage relationships with strategic partners, channels, end users, agencies, industry influencers, and large customers. You can see that developing business is the companys core concern, so you should start your letter by immediately addressing that core need.ExamplesDo you need someone to develop lucrative, long-term business relationships?Would you like to build new strategic partnerships? The answer, as you already know, is YES So either of these opening sentences are appealing directly to one of the hiring managers central concerns. In addition, starting with a question is an attention-grabbing approach in itself, so this type of opening has two benefits.Deepen Interest Youve grabbed them with that first sentence now its time to deepen their interest. You can do this by writing a second paragraph that provides evidence of your ability to address their core need. Heres an example My former CEO said Jerry built more strategic alliances in 12 months, than I had created in the previous six yearsor how about thisIn my last position, I grew sales by more than 45% and significantly increased market share without spending any more money. How? By building strategic partnerships across the United States and internationally.Or heres an example for a different type of position (in this case, an executive assistant role).When my last boss needed an assistant to organize his chaotic geschftszimmer and help him gain control of his life, he hired me. Within 3 months, he was leaving the office earlier and spending weekends with his family for the first time in years.Now follow this opening statement with details about how your experience fits the companys needs. For example, our executive assistant might explain that she has experience in scheduling, tr avel arrangements, correspondence, spreadsheets and project management. She could also mention the titles of some of the senior executives she has worked for to communicate her seniority.Keep this section brief (2 to 3 sentences) and make sure you keep the focus on the needs of the company, which you can find in the job posting. Create Desire Now you definitely have them interested, so its time to make them really want you You do this by providing more evidence of your past successes as proof that you can do the same for them.To do this, develop 3 or 4 bullet points that highlight some of your most impressive achievements. Here are some examplesReduced fixed costs by 34% while improving efficiency and customer service, by restrukturierung the sales organization. (sales executive)Organized chaotic office environment, eliminating 40+ cardboard boxes of files and paperwork within only 3 weeks.(executive assistant)Increased website traffic 200% by rewriting content for search engines an d acquiring hundreds of new incoming links. (digital marketer) Encourage Action Finish by expressing interest, restating the value you can add, and inviting the recipient to take action. Let her know what she has to do if she wants to meet with you, or offer to take the next step yourself. Heres an exampleAs you can see, I have been very successful in my past career and I see a great deal of opportunity for ABC Copr. I would be delighted to discuss my ideas in detail and will call your office within the next few days to see if we can find a convenient time to meet.OrAs you can see, there is a close fit between your need to improve your websites performance and my track record of success in digital marketing. I will call your office on Tuesday afternoon to follow-up and answer any questions. Alternatively, please feel free to contact me at your convenience at (212) 555-5555.notenzeichen If you end your letter with a promise to contact the company, make a note of your commitment and b e sure to follow through.(If you want to see some real world examples of these principles in action, here are two sample cover letters we created for clients names changed of course). In Summary A.I.D.A. works AIDA has been used by marketers for many years, and for good reason. It gets results By following this formula each time you create a cover letter or email, you will ensure that you address the employers needs, communicate your value, and effectively set yourself apart from your competition. Good luck

Saturday, December 28, 2019

SCANS Workplace Skills Your Children Will Need

SCANS Workplace Skills Your Children Will NeedSCANS Workplace Skills Your Children Will NeedWe all want our children to be successful in life. We hope to one day binnensee them in satisfying careers with the promise of growth. The thought of our children ending up in dead-end jobs saddens us. We wonder, though, if theres anything we can do to help ensure their success. In 1990, then Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin wondered the same thing and formed the Secretarys Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills, commonly referred to as SCANS. It was comprised of representatives from schools, government, labor unions, and corporate America.Martin charged the Commission with the task of examining the demands of the workplace and determining whether American youth are capable of meeting those demands. By 1992, SCANS had completed its work. After talking to employers, supervisors, workers, and union officials, the Commission identified a set of five competencies and three foundation skills that e veryone entering the workforce must have. Together these competencies and skills became known as SCANS skills. SCANS Skills behauptung are the eight areas the Commission identified as being essential for both students who are going directly to work after high school and those who will attend college before entering the workforce. The five competencies and three foundation skills are intertwined- they are used together and should be learned together. Although this list was developed a while ago, it is still relevant for todays and tomorrows workforce. The Five Competencies In order to be effective, those who are in the workforce must be able to effectively use resources, interpersonal skills, information, systems, and technology. Lets take a look at each of these competencies more closely Resources The ability to allocate resources is essential. Resources include TimeMoneyMaterial and facility resourcesHuman resources Interpersonal To succeed at work one must be able to inte ract with other people. By the time an individual enters the workforce he or she should be able to Participate as a member of a teamTeach othersServe clients or customersExercise leadershipNegotiateWork with people from diverse backgrounds Information Information is a valuable commodity. One must know how to Acquire and evaluate informationOrganize and maintain informationInterpret and communicate informationUse computers to process information Systems A system is a group of components- technological, organizational and social- that must interact in order to function properly. Successful workers must Understand systemsBe able to monitor and correct the performance of a systems componentsBe able to improve and design systems Technology Technology refers to the equipment, procedures, and tools one uses to perform certain workplace tasks. They vary by occupation. One must have the knowledge to Select technologyApply the appropriate technology to a taskMaintain and troubleshoot technolo gy The Three Foundation Skills In addition to the competencies described above, everyone must enter the workforce having mastered the following foundation skills Basic Skills ReadingWritingMathematical computation and mathematical reasoningListeningSpeaking Thinking Skills Creative thinkingDecision makingProblem-solvingThe ability to see things in the minds eyeKnowing how to learnReasoning Personal Qualities Individual responsibilitySelf-esteemSociabilitySelf-managementIntegrity So now, instead of wondering whether your child will be successful, you can make sure she has the necessary skills. Find out if your childs school is incorporating SCANS skills into its curriculum and if they arent, its time to start asking questions. You should also reinforce the SCANS skills at home.

Monday, December 23, 2019

In Praise of Thinkers (Not Doers)

In Praise of Thinkers (Not Doers) In Praise of Thinkers (Not Doers) It, more than any other viral picture in recent memory, bothers me to no end.The message of this little cartoon is clearthe thinker is a lazy intellectualwho sits around all day the doer why, hes outdoingthings, accomplishing goals, changing the world, selling his startup for gobs of money, dating supermodels, etc., etc.Be the doer, notlage the thinker.The doer embodies what The New Statesman calls the modern cult of spontaneity,thepervasive school of thought that fetishizes fast action, instinct, and reflex and shunsthose who take the time to think things through. The cult of spontaneity takes some of its cues from the anti-intellectual movements which have long plagued the American population(Isaac Asimov once said, The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as g ood as your knowledge). The cultis also obsessed withauthenticity, a vaguely defined buzzword that gets thrown around in everyday life as often as big data and disrupt get thrown around by well-meaning tech companies. Per Steven Pooles aforementioned article in the New Statesman we have a ordnungsprinzip 1 brain that delivers snap, intuitive judgements through unconscious processing, and a System 2 brain that does the slow, cold reasoning.Now, which of those brains is the spontaneous one? Why, System 1, of course, the blinking, unthinking brain, the site of hot cognition. The weirdly anti-rational weather of our age, indeed, insists that this intuitive System 1 is who we really are. Because our rationality can be infected with errors by System 1 biases, or so this story goes, we should give up all hope of being reliably rational.Doers Are Just OlderChildrenWeve established why this cartoon is so virally successful it oversimplifies the world (youre either a thinker or a doer) it car ries an easily digestedmessage(be the doer, not the thinker) it taps into the zeitgeist (spontaneous actiongood Thinking bad) and its supposed to be funny (I think?).Now, lets establish why this drawingbothers me so much. Its not the oversimplification (though, I do dislikethat). Its not thecondescending didactic manner of the cartoon (but, yes, I do dislikethat, too). Its not even the reinforcement of puerile pop culture myths or the total lack of humor (as you probably guessed already, I dislike those things as well).No, what really bothers me is how patently wrong this cartoon is. You dont want to be a doer. You want to be a thinker. You want to takethe time to plan, reason, and investigate before you do anything at all. This leads to better results when youdofinally act.You know who thinks before they act? Michael Phelps. As Danielle Schlanger explains at Business Insider, Olympic swimmer and14-time gold medalistMichael Phelps reviewsevery possible scenariothat could occur durin g a race before he even gets in the water. Schlanger also mentions Captain Sully Sullenberger, famous for landing his disabled plane in the Hudson River, saving the lives of everyone on board. Its a good thing Capt. Sullenberger decided to think things through, rather thaninstinctively heading for the nearest airport.Heck, even fruit flies think before they act.You know who doesnt think before they act? Children. Do you know why children dont think before they act? Because they cannot comprehend the consequences of their actions, think about future events, or realistically gauge how other people view their actions.Children literally lack thehardware to do this. The neural network responsible for these behaviors is not fully developed until 13 years of age.But, sure, lets throw away the complex and powerful capacities our brains develop over time. Lets revert to the childish way of behaving.Dont think Just doUnless, of course, youd like to be successful. Ill take the example of Micha el Phelps over that of the neighbor kids any day.

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7 Fantastic Interview Tips

7 Fantastic Interview Tips7 Fantastic Interview Tips7 Fantastic Interview TipsHow To Land The JobPROSTOCKSTUDIO/SHUTTERSTOCKIf youre new to job interviews and the business world, you probably dont realize just how much tact is expected and required to make it past your first encounter with an interviewer, especially if youre facing a fair amount of competition for a single position.In this article, weve compiled seven interview tips to coach beginners how to find their footing (and a way to stand out from the pack).1. Have an impressive resume and applicationFor most positions, a simple gestalt with your basic background information (such as your job history, references, and availability) is required before an interview can be offered. Your application should be written neatly, succinctly, and thoughtfully. Avoid run-on sentences, small or illegible handwriting, and keep your availability as open as possible. This will make you a higher-ranking candidate when compared to the rest of the applicant pool.Whether or not its required, you should always submit a professional resume with your job application. It shows employers that you are willing to go above and beyond, and it also gives you the chance to show off your credentials. Spend plenty of time creating a detailed and impressive resume.We can help you there.2. Practice your conversation skillsYour potential employer will want to know that youre comfortable being social. You should be able to engage your interviewer in small talk and intellectual conversation, if they so choose. Dont try to rush through the interview to get to the questions. Be calm, collected, and patient. This person is trying to determine how well youll do in a stressful environment. You shouldnt give them any reason to doubt your capabilities. Just sit back and be personable.3. Be honest about your flawsThis is a big one. When your potential employer asks what your biggest flaw is (and they will), dont give them the predictable, face-savi ng runaround that everyone else has given them prior to you. Its practically a guarantee that theyve already heardI work too hard.My ambitions get in the way of my normal day-to-day life.My friends tell me that I need to take it easy and relax.I spend too much time helping my coworkers.Its all been done before. Instead of turning a perk into a flaw, and then awkwardly trying to twist it around in buchen to impress your interviewer, just be honest with them. By being straightforward, youre giving them information that they can use to place you in the company and figure out where you stand as a worker.Were all human. Unless you tell them that youve robbed a candy store or party too hard on the weekends, they arent going to use this question to determine the outcome of your interview. The question is meant to throw you a hard ball and see whether youll shoot straight, or adjust course to avoid the hard stuff.4. Have a firm, confident handshakeThe most important part of being a memorabl e candidate is your confidence level. In an interview, youll have endless opportunities to make a great first impression. But it all starts with the handshake. Your greeting should be firm, brief, and friendly. We suggest practicing with a family member or a friend before trying it for the first time. And dont forget to smile.5. Dont be afraid to ask questionsAt the end of the interview, youll usually be given the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the position youve applied for. You should write these down beforehand, and enkoranvers that they are either answered during the interview or asked afterward. Nodding and insisting that you dont have any questions isnt helping anyone, and it doesnt necessarily make you look smart. If it comes down to making a difficult decision, you need to have as much information as possible. Your interviewer is there to help.6. Practice your postureKeep your back straight and your eyes focused. Dont be afraid to make eye contact with your interviewer. Averting your eyes because you dont want to feel uncomfortable is common, but its also noticeable after a lengthy period of time. Avoid putting your elbows on the table, or slumping over in your seat. You want to be alert and polite.7. Job Interview Follow-UpWhen the interview is over, your job isnt done. Be sure to obtain the contact information of your interviewer and follow-up by phone or email within forty-eight hours. This shows that youre serious about the position and that youre not afraid to take the initiative to get things done. Dont wait a week before you make contact. At that point, its too late. You need to push your way into their memory.Follow these tips, and youll already be taking strides to stay ahead of your competition and get ahead in our competitive job market.

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Customize this Outstanding Public Information Officer Resume Sample

Customize this Outstanding Public Information Officer Resume SampleCustomize this Outstanding Public Information Officer Resume SampleCreate Resume Steven Cropper100 Broadway LaneNew Parkland, CA, 91010Cell (555) 987-1234example-emailexample.comProfessional SummaryDedicated Public Information Officer able to speak three languages and develop effective multi-cultural campaigns. Track record of creating effective internal communications policies, establishing strong relationships with media outlets and crafting public statements during crisis situations. A communications expert with the necessary respect and understanding of the type of information that companies distribute.Core QualificationsCommunications PlanningBusiness PlanningInternational Communications CoordinationExecutive Speech WritingMedia Communications AdministrationInformation Policy DevelopmentExperiencePublic Information Officer, December 2010 May 2015Herschel Incorporated New Cityland, CAReviewed all press releases prior to sending them to an extensive media network.Developed policies regarding the utilization of online information distribution websites.Worked with marketing to develop unified corporate messages.Public Information Officer, June 1994 September 2007Horn Corporation New Cityland, CAEstablished new protocols when it came to distribution of executive level statements.Created policies regarding public information released by employees.Collaborated with marketing team to develop better trade show materials.Education1994 Bachelor of Science, Public RelationsRock College New Cityland, CACustomize Resume

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The Secret to Website Resume

The Secret to Website Resume You are going to be able to bring a blog as well to your site. If youve got a resume website then you have to rank higher on the search engine, so you could get better click on your site. Be as professional as possible even in regards to crafting a web site for your CV. Even if its your private site, that doesnt mean you must share every small detail about yourself. Sooner or later, whichever option you select, make the most of the tips mentioned previously and use the example sites as inspiration for what to include in a terrific personal site. Among the nice things about github is that theyll host a web site for you. Keep it simple include your name and one sentence to spell out the most significant thing you wish to communicate with a visitor of your website. A visitor wouldnt visit your site again, if it has low oben liegend content. The Fight Against Website Resume The caliber of the work that you do. Then it may be time to bring some st yle to your resume An amazing personal website will reveal your nature and your skills while still keeping up a professional tone. Besides, dont just list your work experience. Most folks know Apple is an incredibly secretive business. Amazon is different from the other companies since they are very explicit regarding the traits they start looking for. Amazon and Apple, on the flip side, focus on how it is possible to add to the particular project they are hiring for. Interested on working with a range of platfassons and products. With essential elements from the way, lets look at some wonderful personal sites and landsee what makes them stand out. After all, many men and women read blogs not just in search of certain info, but in addition for lessons and mentorship on a person-to-person level. Have a look at this GitWatch repo for a means to allow this. Meaning, start driving visitors to your resume page and become bombarded with new small business proposals. The New Fu ss About Website Resume Employers wish to observe the individual behind the resume. Hiring agencies will try to find certain terms in your resume to make sure that you have the experience theyre seeking. Employing a PDF also means employers will see it in the typical form they are accustomed to reviewing resumes. HR will be quite so impressed with your resume they might even ask how you built it. Always keep in mind that the hiring manager is going to have no interest in knowing about your individual achievements. Its well worth interviewing at Amazon to learn to conduct a suitable interview. Youd better check and begin with a great internship experience. When youre asking for work, youre typically requested to submit a resume and cover letter, or perhaps your LinkedIn profile. The Good, the Bad and Website Resume When people look for a topic that you blog about, you have a better prospect of being found by your intended audience. You never understand what experiences will connect with other folks. It is possible to share info about your journey by being genuine and relatable. When I dont have a thing impressive to respond with, everybody is uneasy. Most Noticeable Website Resume Licensing Information This one is quite important and you need to always read the licensing information connected with a free resume template. 1 Resume is an absolutely free one page web template that comes with a smooth jQuery slide between sections of the webpage. This resume website template is pretty minimal with loads of white space, which assists visitors concentrate on your content. Professional Summary is a concise description of your abilities and key competencies. Pascals website includes all of the information regarding his abilities and education together with highlighting some of his very best work. If you get a Dual Degree in Marketing and Design form a famed university is far better. Consider the Resume Dojo HTML resume template if youre searching fo r a personal site design that has lots of characteristics to display not simply your abilities and education but your hobbies and awards also. The Unexposed Secret of Website Resume Eating at work can help save you about $5 to $10k in a calendar year, but the biggest advantage is it saves you a whole lot of time. You should bear in mind that there isnt any need to accomplish this, if dont have any major achievements. They also supply you with a baby cash bonus. If you are quite active on GitHub thats an enormous plus. The secret is to show what have you down and what is the end result. For instance, if you need something up super fast with minimal input, Wixs ADI system is a significant option, developing a personalized resume site from just a few easy questions. A similar procedure can be done to modify the most important text color. Then take a look at the following resume writing tips to learn to compose a resume optimizing each section for greatest success.

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What to Expect From Copy and Paste Resume Template?

What to Expect From Copy and Paste Resume Template? It can be quite cumbersome attempting to make the resume from scratch. How you divide it is all up to you, but simply dont go page break crazy for each and every bit of information. The templates are made in a manner they make the resume get noticed. The Foolproof Copy and Paste Resume Template Strategy Creating your resume is vital. A technical skills section is useful in showcasing your understanding of certain systems. Including an extra skills section could possibly be well worth considering. It is a short and concise list of skills relevant to your industry. Youd need to do the formatting work yourself. Its automatic-save feature guarantees that you dont lose your work. Highlight the text youd love to use the formatting to. Ok, I Think I Understand Copy and Paste Resume Template, Now Tell Me About Copy and Paste Resume Template Google will automatically datenbankindex your resume to get included in its search outc ome, allowing potential employers to locate your information. The web templates are made in a way they make the resume stick out. When youre finished, youll want to find the resume out of Google Docs. Google Docs is completely free and provides a selection of resume templates, so its possible to concentrate on highlighting your skills rather than fiddling with formatting. So the tough part is over. Irrespective of your degree of work knowledge, your resume structure is crucial to making your program stick out. You have all of your content typed up and youre feeling confident about getting that interview. The employers may have encounter similar resume styles inside their experience, so its crucial to alter the resume template to be certain that it appearance distinctive from the common one. Based on your professional experience, you can want to think about switching the order of the expert experience and education sections. You can not ever be sure what the hiring manager prefers so you must go with your gut. Hiring managers have the tough job of wading through the ads to find the appropriate fit for their company. Writing a resume is an intimidating endeavor. To put it simply, employing a leer Resume Copy And Paste speeds up the practice of producing a winning resume and ensures that it is going to stick out in the application approach. Templates may be used for making CV, resume as a way to apply for jobs. The Key to Successful Copy and Paste Resume Template It is possible to browse amid the classes of templates listed on the basal of the webpage. Below are a couple sections you may wish to consider adding to help strengthen it. If you want the image on our site, please dont be afraid to visit again and get inspiration from all the houses in the image of our internet image. The contact information section is really self-explanatory. Make sure that you get the information youre looking for. Often times that youll need to copy and pastete xt into an email from assorted sources. Also, be mindful not to accidentally add the contact info in the header as applicant tracking systems may not have the ability to read it.